Mount Lawley

Living in Mount Lawley

The Vibe…

Whilst Mt Lawley is considered to be one of Perth’s more upmarket and expensive suburbs suburbs (an “entry level” home on a full block in the Avenues will set you back over $1m), we like to think of it as being a little more lively, diverse and bohemian than comparably priced neighbourhoods in the Western Suburbs. Yes, some of it’s pretty upmarket, and it’s never been cheap to live here, but you’re more likely to see the locals out in their sneakers and thongs (albeit funky, branded ones) than heels, and the local boutiques and shops have more of an emphasis on casual street fashion rather than luxury bling. There’s a sense of youthfulness, optimism and inclusiveness that comes from its mix of population, thriving café and bar scene and housing options. It’s a suburb that people aspire to live in, and once here, rarely leave.

Who lives there?

Primarily considered a “family” area, in the 2016 census Mount Lawley had a population of approx. 11,125 people and a median resident age of 36. It has one of the higher median house prices in WA of $958,000 as of Sep 2020 (just over double that of the median of $475,000 for the Perth Metro area) and today’s property buyers are typically young professionals and families. That said, Mount Lawley isn’t a completely vanilla flavoured suburb. It consists of several distinct parts with a range of home prices and living options – from one-bedroom bedsits on William Street and smaller character “semi’s” and cottages on the streets South of Walcott (going towards the City), through to a number of villa, townhouse and other multi-dwelling options on Queens Crescent and the Avenues – predominantly, but not exclusively, on the East of Beaufort St (towards the railway line) as well as closer to the social heart itself. Then there’s the often-overlooked “river” side of Mount Lawley, east of the Railway line and Lord Street, with its mix of apartment blocks, cottage style homes on smaller blocks and larger homes or luxury group dwellings, many with river views. And then there’s the jewel in the crown – the full blocks with their early 20th century heritage standouts, many with modern renovations & extensions, on the “hill” West of Beaufort Street where you can be looking at $3mil+ for something that’s all done.

The Lifestyle…

Most people move to Mount Lawley for the lifestyle: proximity to the city and river; walking distance to cafes and restaurants; tree lined streets; parks and ovals; proximity to local transport (bus and train); ease of access to beaches and freeways so that nothing (that a local might want to visit anyway) is more than 20 minutes anyway; sporting clubs and amenities or for the perceived quality of schooling options (the local state schools, both Primary and High are well-regarded, St Paul’s is a popular Catholic primary school and Perth College is one of the leading private girls’ schools in Perth).

The social heart of Mount Lawley is unarguably based around the intersection of Beaufort and Walcott Streets and is primarily referred to by locals just as “Beaufort Street”. It consists of a mix of cafés, restaurants, pubs, clubs, boutiques, specialty stores, small supermarkets, take-aways and the iconic art-deco Astor Theatre (which has gone from strength to strength since it was allowed to become a multi-purpose venue). Further along Beaufort Street, moving north towards and along “The Avenues”, you’ll also find a range of health service providers like doctors, dentists, physio’s, and a Wellness Clinic, a mix of residential and commercial developments housing more restaurants and take-aways (cnr Third Avenue and Beaufort), a small supermarket and speciality shops on the corner of Second Avenue and Beaufort St, banks, gym, and another pub just before you hit the border on Central Ave.

If you’re looking to buy property in Mount Lawley…

The quality of housing is one of the major attractions of the suburb, with Mount Lawley being home to many turn of the (20th) century character homes on mostly larger blocks. A large proportion of Mount Lawley falls under the control of the City of Stirling and is designated as a Heritage Precinct – streetscapes are rigorously protected in planning laws and demolition of older dwellings is all but impossible. The City of Vincent appears to be more flexible in the type and style of housing development and renovations it will allow, but it too will frown upon requests to demolish older buildings.

For more information about heritage and building approvals, see the City of Stirling’s page on heritage protection areas and the City of Vincent’s Planning and Building policies.

The schools…

Whilst all of Mount Lawley is within the public (and popular) Mount Lawley Senior High School Zone, this is not the case for with respect to the Mount Lawley Primary School. Annual enrolment numbers influence the boundary and those living furthest away from the school (other side of the railway line or Walcott St and sometimes even within those areas but further away from the school) will find that they will be required to enrol in Highgate Primary School instead.

For more information about local schools, click on the links below:

 Want to know more?

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