About Beaufort and Beyond

Hi, I’m Natalie Hoye and I created Beaufort and Beyond to provide information about, and promote living in, the suburbs surrounding and nearby Beaufort Street. It’s an area I’ve lived and worked in for over 15 years and I love the diversity and sense of community that is found within it. On this website I hope you’ll find helpful and practical information about each of the different suburbs (amenities, schools, shops etc) as well as local news, business profiles and a general “what’s on” to tempt you to connect with, explore and support local businesses, our community and the lifestyle that’s on offer. Most of these articles and links also appear on our Facebook Page, on which I also share content posted by our great local businesses.

What you won’t find…

Negative posts or blatant sales pitches.  If I’ve not tried a place nor experienced its service personally I am less likely to post about it. Similarly, if I’ve tried it but had a negative experience there I probably won’t post about it until I’ve been back and had a different outcome. Yes, I’m a real estate agent, but you won’t find postings about my listings or sales here – for that please email me at natalie.hoye@acton.com.au, call me on 0405 812 273 or check out nataliehoye.com.au – I’d love to connect with you about that, just not here 🙂

Why Beaufort & Beyond?

I think I first fell in love with Beaufort Street and the suburbs surrounding it in my late teens when I started going out to was then the “newly refurbished” Queens Hotel. Despite growing up and living in the Perth Hills in our younger and early married years, if my husband David and I headed out it was to Beaufort Street or Northbridge and we always said that we wanted the lifestyle of “inner city, beach or hills”. In 1998 we purchased a very run down workers cottage near Bulwer St in Perth, and thus began an enduring association with property and the area. After a four year stint in London and a brief period back in the hills after coming home to Perth, we made our permanent move back into the area in 2004. We’ve since lived in Mt Lawley (on the border of Highgate), Inglewood, Dianella and then back to Inglewood, but that could just have easily been North Perth, Menora, Highgate, Bedford or Bayswater too (we’re a bit property obsessed, which is why I got into real estate…). We now have two sons who attend local schools, we’re actively involved with local sporting groups through the kids after school and weekend sporting activities and we love to spread the love around by frequenting different local cafe’s, restaurants and businesses in the course of work and play. I love the diversity of the people, cultures and businesses who live in and make up this area – I think our posher bits feel less sterile than the Western Suburbs and I think our communities have a great sense of vibrancy and optimism that people are attracted to. I can’t imagine myself living and working anywhere else, and it just felt right to create this page and promote what I love and am passionate about.

Want to get involved?

Connections and relationships are important to me, and what I don’t know about I can’t promote, so if you’d like to catch-up and talk about how you think I might help in terms of promoting your event, business, club or whatever, please contact me!