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More laid back and less self conscious than it’s upmarket neighbour, Inglewood is the suburb you choose if you can’t, or don’t want to, afford Mt Lawley.

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Mount LawleyMount Lawley

Whilst Mt Lawley is considered to be one of Perth’s more upmarket and expensive suburbs suburbs (a one-bedroom unit will probably set you back close to $300k and an “entry level” home on a full block in the Avenues over $1m), I like to think of it as being a little more lively, diverse and bohemian than comparably priced neighbourhoods in the Western Suburbs.

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North PerthNorth Perth

One of Perth’s oldest established suburbs, with homes dating back to the early 1900’s, North Perth is located 3km North of the City, covers 3.1sq kms and is home to just over 8500 people.

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Only 2kms from the City, Perth’s second smallest and densest suburb (it covers only 0.4sq kms and is home to just under 2000 people) is arguably its funkiest.

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Bedford marks the beginning of the ‘burbs, albeit I’d argue with a lowercase ‘b’. You’ve left behind the cafés and restaurants for which Beaufort St is renowned, are nearer major urban shopping centres and areas (such as Galleria in Morley and Morley itself) but you’re still within sight (quite literally, from some streets and homes) and a short bus ride from the CBD 6kms away.

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Whilst Maylands doesn’t yet have the same number of bars and restaurants as Highgate and Mt Lawley, it now has a thriving daytime café scene, some very funky retail outlets, a substantial and popular new Community Centre – The Rise – and a growing sense of community pride and optimism.

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Located approximately 9kms from the CBD (some parts of the suburb are much closer), Dianella is home to 22,521 people and is one of Perth’s largest suburbs, covering an area of 10.71km (more than twice the size of Maylands and Mount Lawley).

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