2017 Local government election campaigns underway

Did you know that WA local government elections are being held on the 21st of October, less than a month away?

With some popular and high profile Councillors choosing not to stand for re-election, such as Deputy Mayor and West Ward City of Bayswater Councillor Stephanie Coates, a number of newcomers entering the fray to challenge long established members, and a couple of interesting challenges being launched (namely Michael Sutherland’s bid to become the City of Perth Lord Mayor), those interested in local politics are likely to be kept entertained by the campaigning over the coming weeks.

In the City of Bayswater, 6 candidates have nominated to fill 2 available positions in both the North & West Wards, in Stirling, 5 candidates, including Mount Lawley Society President and former Councillor Paul Collins and unsuccessful State Liberal candidate Jeremy Quin are facing off for 1 spot in the Lawley Ward, and in Vincent there are 4 candidates vying for 2 positions in each of the North & South Wards.

For a full list of candidates and links to their profiles click here (you’ll need to select an Electorate to see the candidates and then a further link to read their profiles). Many candidates have an official Facebook Page to provide updates on their policy positions and information on their backgrounds – well worth checking out before you vote. The quality of our local government has a large influence on the amenity of our suburbs and lifestyle, and if you’d like to see better quality development, more green space and activation of our “high” streets and dead spaces then these are the people who will (or won’t) deliver it!

Voting is typically by postal ballot and if you live in one local ward or district and own property in another you may be entitled to vote in both areas provided you are enrolled at those addresses. For more information on your eligibility contact your local council. And don’t forget to vote!

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